Milestone Commodities Limited is a Kenyan based manufacturer founded in 2016 as a distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Originally based on the sale of soft drinks, grains and pulses directly to the consumer in Nairobi.

Milestone Commodities Limited established itself as a manufacturer and distributor of high quality consumer products that meet the market and customer’s needs.

In 2017 we diversified and ventured in to manufacturing and bottling of natural mineral water. Since achieving water bottler status in 2017, and being one of the few companies in Kenya that have fully complied with KEBS quality and KRA legal requirement, the company has had a resounding success in all its markets with its purified drinking waters brand Riverview.

The finest quality products, presented in the highest quality packaging, have proved for the company, to be a recipe for success.

Our Philosophy at Milestone Commodities Limited is to bring water closer to you. Closer to all customers that are in need of this valuable source of life. Because pure water is a source of life.

Milestone commodities limited has been marketing its flagship products under the brand name Riverview Purified Drinking Water. A brand name, that due to the company’s activities and stance, since its first year of operation, has become synonymous with trust in the quality of its products.

The rapid acceptance of the product by the market, during the company’s short time of operation, justifies the choice of this meaningful and responsible philosophy and lays the foundation for continuous product growth in the domestic market.